Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TWEED-ing Is Fun: Tuesday/March 01

I determine to create a complete outfit without jeans, especially since it is only Tuesday, far from my 'casual' Thursday or Friday. Usually it the weather is nasty then I give up and just wear jeans, even if it is the beginning of the week.

I am not in the mood of wearing skirts or boots lately. God knows how many skirts and boots that are feeling abandoned right about now. Sigh... well maybe sometimes in the late March/early April, when there is no more snow. I don't want my boots touching the icky black snow!

Here are the photos & details:

Jacket/blazer with tie belt: tweed with tan, orange, brown & beige colors (Dialogue)
Layer: long brown cotton/spandex mix tee (Chadwick)
Pants: light tan corduroy boot cut (Riders)
Wedges: light tan leather with tassle (Arturo Chiang)
Handbag: orange pebble leather with brown leather trims, with a hint of Southwestern, don't you think?  (Francesco Biasia)
Accessories: dangle gold earrings (vintage) - not pictured

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