Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's VELVET and It's Pink!: Wednesday/March 16

I did not go to work yesterday. Stayed home with my youngest son as he was feeling a little under the weather. Poor guy. Praise the Lord, he is back to his normal self now & I could not be happier.

Here were what I wore today

Jacket/blazer: velvet dark pink color (Style & Co.)
Layer: silk short-sleeve blouse with ruffle, color: off white (Style & Co.)
Pants: cotton plaid/checkered , color: brown (Express)
Wedges: Mary-Jane color: dark brown (Style & Co.)
Handbag: quilted leather Stam, color: cognac (Marc Jacobs)
Belt: woven leather, color dark/light brown-reversible (A.N.A.)
Shawl: wool Pashmina (made in India) color: mixed of pink, purple, gray, light blue, off white, etc.
No earrings (I forgot!)

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