Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tweed with Ruching Sleeves: May 19, 2011

Finally, I posted something that I wore within the same day! I am still in the binge of 3/4 or ruching sleeves blazers! Can't you tell?

Blue Hues Due: May 18, 2011

I was due to wear something blue & not to a wedding. Blue/white combo always looks so bright & crisp, in my opinion.

Silk Cropped DB: May 17, 2011

Another new fave and new find! Silk cropped double-breasted with 3/4 sleeves. What else could I ask for right?

Little Red DB Blazer: May 16, 2011

Love this blazer. At first I thought it's little snug on me, but it's actually not. I always love anything/everything gold/with goldtone. So it's perfect!

Red Linen Dress: May 14, 2011

I finally wore a dress this Spring. First time as it's always raining & it made me not to wear dress. Too much work (for me at least). But since that day was nice, so I gave in.

Boring Brown: May 10, 2011

I think this outfit was boring. Really. I was too lazy to play with accessories and/or color. Just grabbed something that did not require ironing! Ha!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brown and Orange Combo: May 09, 2011

Love this combo. Not sure why I have never tried it before.

Blazer: cotton cropped ¾ sleeves (orange/white stripes) Old Navy
Culottes:  cord (British tan) F21
Layer: tee (dark orange)
Handbag: croco embossed (British tan) Stuart Weitzman
Wedges: opened-toe (orange) Steve Madden
Belt: woven (dark brown) A.N.A

More Brown & Another Cropped Double-Breasted: May 05, 2011

Another cropped double-breasted blazer find! I'm happy...:-)

Blazer: linen cropped double-breasted (light brown with white buttons) Ebay
Pants: flared cuffed cotton (dark brown) Chadwick
Layer: tee (white)
Handbag: satchel croco embossed (British tan) Stuart Weitzman
Sandal wedges: opened-toe (dark olive/brown) Franco Sarto
Shawl: silk cotton (orange/brown) Ebay

All Around Brown: May 03, 2011

Never thought I would like a pleated dressy pants before, but now I do. Got this from YesStyle.

Blazer: wool/cotton cropped ¾ sleeves (dark brown with white dots) Ebay
Pants: straight cotton with pleats (light tan) YesStyle
Layer: tee (white)
Sandal wedges: opened-toe (dark olive/brown) Franco Sarto
Handbag: satchel croco embossed (British tan) Stuart Weitzman
Shawl: silk (British tan) Ebay

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ruched Double-Breasted Blazer + Red Skirt: May 02, 2011

I LOVE this blazer. Mostly because it's double-breasted, cropped & has ruched/gathered sleeves! All in one blazer.

Blazer: double-breasted cropped with ruched sleeves (black/white stripes) F21
Skirt: cotton jersey (red) Ebay
Layer: sheer cotton (black) JC Penney
Pumps: suede (black) Richard Tyler
Handbag: Treesje Presley
Belt: skinny adjustable (black worn backward) Target

Flower Power: April 27, 2011

A nice change, for me at least. I found this vintage blouse in my overcrowded closet. Forgot that I have it!
Not sure if I wore these on April 26 or the next day. Probably on April 27 & I took pictures on the night of the 26. Oh well...

Blouse: cotton/poly bell-sleeves cowl-neck (black with flowers) vintage
Pants: black Express
Pumps: suede (black) Richard Tyler
Handbag: Treesje Presley
Belt: skinny gold studded (dark brown) Ebay

Irish Green & Tan: April 18, 2011

Cold morning so off I wore this sleeveless sweater. Turned out to be a good idea as I remember my office was bitter-cold that day!

Sweater: wool cowl-neck cap sleeves (Irish green) F21
Pants: layered with cuffed cotton plaid (light tan) Chadwick
Layer: cotton mock neck (light tan) JC Penney
Wedges: mary-jane (dark brown) Style & Co
Handbag: Dooney & Bourke Kristen (yellow)
Accessories: layered gold chains F21

More Tan & Chocolate Brown - More Double Breasted Jacket: April 17, 2011

For some unknown reasons, I was (still am) in a binge of blazers hunting & buying! I love double-breasted blazers! This one was off from one of the Seller in Ebay. Love it!

Blazer: cotton/jersey/knit (light tan) Ebay
Pants: cotton (heathered dark brown) Express
Layer: cotton pleated ¾ sleeves Mandarin collar (white) New York & Co
Shoes: oxford lace-up (British tan) Marc Fischer
Handbag: Treesje Presley
Belt: skinny gold studded (light tan) Ebay

Nautical - My Take: April 14, 2011

I vividly remember that I especially chose these outfits because they're comfy and that my husband & I took our 2 little boys to see "Imagination Movers" concert that evening. Fun time!

Blazer (unlined): cord (navy) St. John’s Bay
Pants: skinny jeans GAP
Layer: stripe boat-neck (navy/white) Peter/Harris
Flat: loafer (light tan) Anne Klein
Handbag: Treesje Presley
Shawl: cotton Ebay

More Grey/Black Combo: April 13, 2011

Again with this combo colors. Not I'm conviced that I was (extremely) lazy that week!

Blazer: wool/velvet cropped (light grey with black trims) DKNY Petite
Pants (altered): jeans boot-cut Express
Layer: sheer cotton (black) JC Penney
Wedges: oxford lace-up (black) George
Handbag: Michael Kors Hamilton
Belt: woven (black) A.N.A

Another Grey/Black Combo: April 12, 2011

Looks like I wore lots of grey/black combo that week. Probably due to the laziness of changing/switching my handbag.

Blazer: cropped ¾ sleeves plaid (dark grey) vintage
Pants (altered): flared jeans (dark grey) New York & Co
Layer: tee (black)
Wedges: mary-jane (patent-black) Style & Co
Handbag: Michael Kors Hamilton

Classic Grey/Black/White Combo: April 11, 2011

This combo is always a chic classic. Love them. Though maybe I should put splash some color (handbag or my shoes).

Blazer: cropped ¾ sleeves doubled-breasted (light grey) Ebay
Pants (altered): cotton/polyester (black) GAP
Layer: tee (white)
Wedges: (black) Donna
Handbag: Michael Kors Hamilton
Belt: skinny adsjustable (black) Target

Beautiful TAN: April 07, 2011

Always LOVE tan color. Here were the shades of tan from light to british!

Blazer (unlined): boyfriend (light tan) Old Navy
Pants: straight cotton (black) Liz Claiborne
Layer: Henley cable light sweater (light tan) Eddie Bauer
Shoes: oxford lace-up (British tan) Marc Fischer
Handbag: Treesje Presley
Shawl: Ebay

Black & Blue Combo: April 06, 2011

Another combo that I never thought I would tried. At least this one was not that "heavy".

Blazer: stand-up collar (navy) Marc Bouwer
Pants: flared jeans (black) New York & Co
Layer: tee (white)
Wedges: mary-jane (patent-black) Style & Co
Handbag: Treesje Presley
Accessories: triple strands (royal blue) vintage

CROPPED Double Breasted (Grey): April 05, 2011

The next day, I went a little lighter. This time combining cropped double breasted satin blazer with striped pants (& white linen blouse).

Blazer: double-breasted sateen ¾ sleeves (grey) Romeo & Juliet Couture
Pants (altered): cotton/polyester (black with white stripes) Express
Layer: ¾ sleeve linen (white) J Jill
Wedges: mary-jane (patent-black) Style & Co
Handbag: Treesje Presley

Black & Red Combo: April 04, 2011

I was not sure what made me try this "heavy" combo in the early spring day. It looked better in person than in photos. Not bad actually, but probably more of a winter outfits.

Blazer: wool (black with red in the collar) vintage
Pants: velvet flare (black) New York & Co
Layer: cotton ruffle high-neck blouse (black)
Wedges: mary-jane (patent-black) Style & Co
Handbag: Treesje Presley

ARMY-Style Dark Green Jacket: April 02, 2011

Pretty casual & here were what I wore:

Military-style shirt/jacket: army green Mark
Jeans: skinny Old Navy
Layer: tee (white) Motto
Shawl: Ebay
Wedges: light tan with tassel Arturo Chiang
Handbag: Treesje Presley

CROPPED Swing Cord Jacket: April 01, 2011

It may be April but I remember it was still a chilly & damp day (mind you today is May 16 and I have not updated this blog since the end of March!). So most details will be updated wayyyyyy later. I'm going to post all the photos first.

So here what I wore:

Blazer: swing double breasted cord (dark orange) Willi Smith
Pants: cord (dark brown) Style & Co
Layer: brown mock neck
Wedges: dark brown with gold buckled Style & Co
Handbag: Treesje Presley